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LinkedIn is the hotbed for modern B2B SaaS Revenue Teams

80% of B2B marketing leads from social media come through LinkedIn. But only 5% of the prospects who care about you are in the market to buy.

It’s a sea of blue, and your competition is engaging every tactic possible to engage the 95% high-value prospects who are out of market.


Activate high-priority market segments

You’ve got it right on your website. You’ve got it right in your marketing content. But those destinations are static by nature.

LinkedIn is a dynamic destination with fast moving feeds and low attention spans. As a RevOps leader if you've ever dreamt of engaging with your out-of-market, priority market audience, then this is your secret to success:


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Build a repository of your best performing content. Then repurpose your content in refreshing ways and formats anchored to your strategic narrative.

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Create a dedicated showcase page for each market high-priority market segment. Establish a consistent publishing cadence. Everyone needs reminding. Say it once. Repeat it often.

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Leverage LinkedIn native tools to activate your high-priority segment flywheels, and fuel them with refreshing content to grow your circle of influence.

Who We Work With

We ONLY Work With Revenue Leaders At High-growth B2B SaaS Companies Who Are Actively Engaging With Their Priority Market Segments. We Are Their LinkedIn Growth Partner.

Trusted by global B2B SaaS teams

Gain The Ultimate Competitive Advantage

This system is incredibly difficult, time-intensive, and labor-intensive to build. Very few others have been able to do it successfully.

We have cracked the code on it, and are able to offer it so cost-effectively that we have yet to find someone who has beat our price on the same deliverables when attempting to build it in-house.

When done correctly, the results are exponential.

Ready to gain the ultimate competitive edge?

How we do-bee-do-bee-do

Here's our secret sauce to activating high-priority segment flywheels.
We bare it all.

Segment Content Repository

We craft the messaging for each priority market segment, repurpose your content in refreshing ways and formats anchored to your strategic narrative, and build your repository of top-notch content with a high virality score.


Activate Segment Flywheels

We activate your segment flywheels by creating dedicated showcase pages for each market segment, establish your publishing cadence, and commission your pod to start attracting the right audience.


Build Memory Networks

We leverage LinkedIn native tools to over-index your content. We then build memory-networks with prospects who care discover it, get it and store it in their subconscious.


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Frequently asked questions

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Again, what is this about?

We're among a handful teams worldwide that specialises in done-for-you LinkedIn Segment Marketing for high-growth B2B SaaS companies.

If you're a Chief Revenue Officer or Chief Growth Officer, it's always an interesting conversation, and a few jaw drop moments. Say hello at

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What is Segment Marketing?

Market segmentation has existed forever, but as organisations grow it gets difficult to keep a tab on and nurture high-priority market segments.

Segment Marketing fills this gaping void. The bridge across the chasm of dark audiences you always knew existed, but couldn’t point a finger. With Segment Marketing you can now pinpoint these audiences, and answer three dream questions every RevOps exec wishes for: who are they, what they care about, where are they in their buying journey.

Segment Marketing arms RevOps execs with these answers by engaging dark audiences in personalised content stories, segment promise and segment proof. Audiences who know, understand and care about you are more likely to remember you, when they start to weigh their buying options.

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Who should consider StudioFriday?

StudioFriday is a done-for-you service for RevOps teams at high-growth B2B SaaS companies, who are looking to engage their high-priority market segments in meaningful conversations, but don't have the resources to get it done.

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How does it work?

After you sign up for our managed service, we start developing your segment marketing strategy and designate a pod. We then build your content repository, and plan your content distribution strategy. We provision access to custom dashboards where you can review the progress we're making, and setup a hub on Slack for both our teams to collaborate.

Your pod includes everything from content audit, curation, repurposing, distribution and analytics.

At StudioFriday, there are no calls or stand-ups. No time commitment required from your side. Nothing to plan. Nothing to schedule. We fret over all the details to ensure your investment works to your advantage.

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Can you also manage our social media channels?

Short answer. No.

We exist to support RevOps teams attract, engage and delight out-of-market prospects from high-priority market segments. We help RevOps teams double down on the industries or verticals that are delivering the highest profit.

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Wouldn't I just hire a team?

The biggest hurdle most companies face is finding the team that understands and aligns to the expected outcomes. If you've found storytellers, creative directors, and marketing pros who understand this game, and you can budget in the ballpark of $250,000 annual, then you must go for it.

For those who may not always have enough work to keep the team busy at all times, you definitely don't want to be stuck paying for non-utilised time.