Founder Story

I built, my first internet startup in 1999, pre-smartphone era when our registered members printed free beer coupons. GTM then was tough as hell.

I’ve come out sane after 10 startups, and many failed attempts at go-to-market.

I earned my stripes from door-to-door sales, founding an automobile launch marketing agency, a movie marketing company, founding tech services companies and then going on to advise the C-suite at Disney and Fox Studios on CX transformations. After a social network start-up I founded crashed due to failed GTM, I swore to help others remove their barriers to go-to-market. After talking to and helping B2B SaaS founders and RevOps leaders at high-growth B2B SaaS companies, their need for Segment Marketing became obvious.

Here's where Studio Friday comes in. RevOps and GrowthOps leaders get top 1% of talented storytellers, creative directors and marketing leaders across borders, who help create their unique Segment Marketing strategy and then build and activate high-priority segment flywheels. We deploy our unique expertise in over-indexing your brand on LinkedIn to construct memory-networks with high-value prospects, helping them discover, understand, and retain who you are, what you stand for, and how you change their life.

If any of this resonates, we must talk. If you still have doubts, we must definitely talk.
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4X Automobile GTM campaigns

Pre-launch GTM campaigns for leading auto majors, resulting in USD 400 Million in booked revenue from new car bookings

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50+ Movie Marketing Campaigns

Co-branded GTM campaigns for leading movie studios resulting in sponsored media valued at USD 250 Million

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Founded 5X Consumer Internet Startups

Independent founder at multiple consumer internet startups, with scrappy beginnings

Founded 2X Tech Services Businesses

Bringing tech products to life by pushing the limits on whats possible via design + code

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CX Consulting for Global Brands

Led experience consulting programs that drove change and innovation for tech and entertainment majors

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